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What you need to know for your 2024 Fishing Charter in Whittier Alaska

First let me thank you for booking your Alaskan fishing adventure with Saltwater Excursions. We look forward to meeting you on the M/V Saltwater Addiction or the M/V Saltwater Therapy. If you are a returning client welcome back!

The very important details:



  1. We will meet at the TOP OF THE PEDESTRIAN RAMP just to the RIGHT-HAND SIDE (EAST) AND BEHIND (NORTH) THE HARBORMASTER’S OFFICE at 6:45 am (This ramp is directly BEHIND the BRIGHT BLUE building). DO NOT BE LATE.

  1. Please make sure your cell phone is on at 5:00 pm the night before in case we need to get a hold of you for any weather issues that may arise on the day of your charter. You are responsible for keeping your phone number up to date with Saltwater Excursions.

  1. We do not answer the phone on the morning of your charter. Please make sure to bring these directions with you.


You must have a copy of your fishing license in order to fish. If you show up without a license, you will have a very nice day of sightseeing and whale watching, but you will NOT be able to participate in any of the fishing activities.  NO EXCEPTIONs. 

Please make sure you are in line at 6:15 a.m. for the tunnel opener on your charter day as we would like you one of the first cars through the tunnel.   When you arrive through the tunnel into Whittier, continue going straight until you see the 2nd harbor on the left side of the road. Look for the blueish-grey building with lots of antennas on the top. This is the harbormaster’s office (it is next to the train caboose that is the Coast Guard building). Park in the center spaces close to the harbormaster’s office. Parking Permits are $12. There is a yellow electronic pay per park meter in front of the Coast Guard caboose next to the harbormaster’s office. You will need your license plate number of your vehicle to enter into the machine as well as a credit card to pay the permit fee. Please be prepared as time is limited before we meet at 6:45am.


The next statements are Kristen being really harsh, please keep your seatbelts fastened and your hands inside the ride at all times: 😁


***We will meet at the TOP OF THE PEDESTRIAN RAMP just to the RIGHT-HAND SIDE AND BEHIND THE HARBORMASTER’S OFFICE at 6:45 am (This ramp is directly BEHIND the BRIGHT BLUE building). DO NOT BE LATE. We run on Alaska Charter Boat Time not Alaska Tourist Time. WE WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. Again, I repeat DO NOT BE LATE. 6:45 is on time, 6:46 is late. Please be respectful of the other people on your charter that day. If you cannot be there and ready at 6:45, there is a tunnel opener at 5:30 am that you can get through so you have leisure time (get coffee, use the bathroom, put together your things, look at the beautiful scenery etc., but do not be late).  We do not answer the phone on the morning of your charter so please make sure to bring these directions with you.





RAIN PANTS (Frogg Toggs are packable and durable and $20 at Walmart)




FOOD AND DRINK FOR THE DAY (alcohol is ok if in cans or plastic)








CIGARETTES, CIGARS, PIPES – These are non-smoking vessels- e-cigs are ok.

MARIJUANA IN ANY FORM – Illegal on Coast Guard regulated vessels












How much do I tip the deckhand?

A lot have people have asked me, “what is appropriate to tip the deckhand”. The deckhand works for tips only. Your deckhand does a lot while you are enjoying yourself, including keeping you safe, baiting hooks, untangling lines, icing down your catch, keeping the deck clean, telling bad jokes, making gourmet coffee for you etc. Most importantly, he helps and directs you on how to land your fish and he filets your fish on the ride home.  Once we dock, s/he will wheel it up to your car or to Fees Custom Seafoods at the end of the day. S/he ensures your comfort for 11 hours. We strive to be a 5-star outfit.

A standard tip for a deckhand is 20%.  This equates to about $100 per person on a full priced charter. If your captain is running without a deckhand for the day a 20% tip ($100 pp) is still standard.


If for any reason, you feel that he is not doing a good job, please inform the Captain as soon as possible, preferably BEFORE THE END OF THE TRIP so we can get things turned around quickly.  If you are not happy with the Captain please contact the owner immediately.  You should have cell phone service on the water 907-360-7975.

The captain unfortunately cannot control the sea state and sometimes it gets a bit rough in certain areas.  The Captain will operate the boat in a manner to make your ride as comfortable as possible while still maintaining a safe speed for the vessel.  Sometimes this will give you a rough ride.

On seasickness

If you suffer from motion sickness or if you do not know if you suffer from motion sickness, we recommend that you start your Dramamine the NIGHT BEFORE. Please do not show up in the morning just have taken Dramamine. We actually recommend that you do not take it in the morning at all. Take it the night before.

If you decide to take scopolamine patches follow the directions of your doctor. This charter captain also recommends getting a prescription for Zofran if you are unsure and to start taking BEFORE you start feeling nauseated. Famous last words I have heard a thousand times….“I’ve never gotten sick before in my life”, “I’ve been on the water my whole life”, “I grew up on a boat”. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared than unprepared? Trust me.

If you read through this and follow our suggestions and advice you’ll have a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing you on the day of your charter. Please keep in mind that the day/night before belongs to the clients of that day. We ask that you not come down to the boat the night before as we are still giving our 100% to the clients from that day. We know you are excited and we promise you will have our undivided attention on the day of your charter.

Some Additional Notes

**Please inform the owner, prior to payment, if you or anyone in your party exceeds 275 pounds**

We sell multi-species trips.  We will do our best to get as many fish in the boat as we can every single day.  There may be days that weather and time do not permit us to fish for more than just one species.  In this case we do not give a refund in any amount. Our typical day starts with approximately a 2.5 hour boat ride to the fishing grounds.  We usually start out with halibut.  The halibut limit is 2 halibut.  One halibut can be of any size, the second halibut is usually federally regulated to a 28 inch fish.  Unless the small fish limit is 32 inches or more, we do not stick around to fish for the second halibut.  The silver salmon limit is 3 salmon in Prince William Sound and the rockfish limit is 4; 1 of which can be a pelagic.  We often get lingcod, but we do not fish for them.  The limit on lingcod is 1.  Keep in mind these are limits and there are NO GUARANTEES that you will get a limit of any or all species.

National Disasters Happen.  COVID-19, Fires, Erupting Volcanos, Tsunamis, Earthquakes etc.  Our Terms and Conditions will still be enforced.

COVID-19 has been listed as a national pandemic.  If you cancel due to COVID-19 sickness or other travel issues or any other COVID-19 reason you will still be held accountable to the same cancellation policy as stated in our terms and conditions on the Saltwater Excursions, LLC website.

Fires have been known to close highways in Alaska down.  It is still your responsibility to show up at the charter on time. Please plan accordingly.  For this reason, I do still recommend travel insurance.

On Processing Fish

On the way home from the fishing grounds, the deckhand will fillet your fish and bag it.  At the end of the day, s/he will wheel the fish up to your car or to Fees Custom Seafoods. Please make sure you have ICE, a cooler or a fish box to transport your fish.  Please, however, leave these in your car and do not bring them on the boat, please make arrangements ahead of time as to what you would like to do with your fish.  We recommend:

Fees Custom Seafoods in Whittier (907-472-5055)

10th and M Seafoods in Anchorage (907-272-3474)

Indian Valley Meats in Indian on way up to Anchorage (907-653-7511)

J Dock in Seward (907-244-3300)

Alaskan Seafood is very expensive.  This charter captain recommends that you have it professionally processed.  Food Savers are great for a 1-month freezer time, but if you want it to last, spend the money and get it done right.  We understand that it is expensive, but it truly is worth every penny to have it done. Also, on halibut, please have the skin removed at the processor.  If you do not it marinates in the halibut slime for the winter and taints the meat. Federal regulations prohibit us from removing the skin.

Cancellations made by Client

Cancellations made by the client at least 31 days in advance will receive a refund less a processing fee of 20% IF AND ONLY IF the charter seats can be rebooked. If you cancel within 31 days of your charter, there will be no refunds, no exceptions. All sales are final as stated above.

Stay fishy my friends and we look forward to seeing you.



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