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"I am not sure what was cooler yesterday. The pod of 30 Orcas or the limit of halibut we brought in!"

Orcas and Butts!

What if I get Seasick?

On seasickness

If you suffer from motion sickness or if you do not know if you suffer from motion sickness, we recommend that you start your Dramamine the NIGHT BEFORE. Please do not show up in the morning just have taken Dramamine. We actually recommend that you do not take it in the morning at all. Take it the night before.

If you decide to take scopolamine patches follow the directions of your doctor. This charter captain also recommends getting a prescription for Zofran if you are unsure and to start taking BEFORE you start feeling nauseated. Famous last words I have heard a thousand times….“I’ve never gotten sick before in my life”, “I’ve been on the water my whole life”, “I grew up on a boat”. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared than unprepared? Trust me.


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