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Fishing report through June 14th.

I don’t know what to say other than fishing has been incredible! For the past 4 days we have been limiting out for the most part on halibut and rockfish. The 12th we accidentally got one silver, the 13th we accidentally got 2 silvers, the 14th we gave it a go and FOUND THEM! Not only did we get those but we got our limit of rockfish too! Mixed in with the silvers we found a bunch of Pink Salmon too.

We are hoping after their disappearing act last year they come back BIGGER, STRONGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!

Rockfish have been in abundance with Blacks, Chinas, Yelloweye, Canary, and Coppers all being caught. The occasional kelp greenling has made its appearance too. That is absolutely my favorite fish in the ocean to eat.

The 29 inch halibut rule still is in effect and we are having a hard time finding them. What a problem to have right? Our fish our too big. We have had to throw back 50 pounders in search of a 29 inch halibut. Trust me that it kills me more than it kills you.

Update on what is left for JUNE and JULY
June 23rd – 1 person
June 25th – 6 people (salmon and rockfish only, no halibut)
June 29th – 1 person
June 30th – 1 person
July 15th – 2 people
July 16th – 4 people (no halibut)
July 24th -1 person
July 25th – 1 person
July 30th – 6 people (no halibut)
July 31st – 3 people


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