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New Halibut Regulations

It is that time of year again when the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council makes critical decisions on the management of the halibut allocation.

In 2014, the charter sector was cut by 34% of their allotted limit.  Unfortunately, we came in at 16% higher than that reduced limit.  Therefore we, the charter operators, had to make a recommendation on how to further reduce our catch limit.  We believe that making a recommendation is far less harmful than having the council and the International Pacific Halibut Commission tell us what our cuts will be.

The charter sector agreed that it would recommend to the council that the charter sector stands down on Thursdays between June 15th – August 31st  for fishing for halibut and impose a 5 fish annual limit per charter angler.

Please understand that this is necessary for the conservation of the halibut and we are hoping that some time in the future that the  biomass will increase and we will return to our limits of 2 fish any size, any day for both sector 2C and 3A.

The restrictions that were imposed in 2014 will continue.  Charter anglers are still allowed one fish of any size and one fish 29 inches or less.  Crew will again not be allowed to retain fish on days that paying clients are on board.

Many of you may have heard of a GAF fish or a Guided Angler Fish.  Saltwater Excursions does not participate or support that idea.  It was posed as a conservation effort when in reality it is the buying of a commercial fish or part of an IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) to put in the hands of a recreational fisherman.

Saltwater Excursions will change up Thursday’s in July and August to target Lingcod, Salmon and/or Rockfish.  Again, we are sorry for any disruption that this may cause in your trip planning.

Halibut fishing in Alaska

Kristen’s 90 pound halibut caught on October 1, 2014


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