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    Beach House

  • 4 bedrooms, will sleep up to 8
  • heat, 12 volt lights
  • kitchen, cook top, bbq
  • dining area, private deck
  • restroom with hot shower
  • sleeping bags, liners, pillows
  • towels
  • do it yourself cooking

    Log Cabin Rental

  • 5 or 6 beds will sleep up to 7
  • quality linens and pillows
  • heat and electricity
  • restroom with hot shower
  • private deck
  • Includes use of Cook House for meal preparation or meal service upon request.

Port Ashton Lodge

We would like to offer you a exciting opportunity to extend your adventure in Western Prince William Sound. This summer we will begin offering overnight charters in conjunction with Port Ashton Lodge. By staying the night close to the fishing grounds you will increase your fishing time and be able fish at a more relaxing pace. In the evening you will be able to enjoy all the modern comforts of home in the awe-inspiring setting of remote Prince William Sound.

The lodge is built on Evans Island at the historic Port Ashton saltery/cannery site. This remote island is located in the pristine waters of Western Prince William Sound. Evans Island is surrounded by endless mountains with jagged peaks and many intricate passages. You will experience miles of majestic coastline around every corner of the magnificent Prince William Sound.

Wildlife abounds here in the remoteness of Prince William Sound. On land at any given moment you can be enthralled by the presence of the mysterious Black Bear or look up and see soaring Bald Eagles looking at you from high in the sky. You might even catch a glimpse of a Sitka Black Tail deer feeding on lush green grass near the shoreline.

When on the water you may get a surprise visit as Dall’s Porpoise play right beside the boat. It is very common to view Sea Otters looking curiously as you pass them by. If you’re lucky you will see them with their young pups riding on their belly or floating next to them. To top your adventure off, you may witness whales flourishing at certain times of the summer as they come in to the Sound to feed.

There are 5 species of salmon that inhabit Prince William Sound. Regardless of when you come, be prepared for a spectacular sight as you see the salmon migrating through the passages to spawn by the hundreds or even thousands in the small streams along the coastline.