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Glacier and Wildlife Cruise

Blackstone Bay Tour $325 per person (4 person Min)

Join Saltwater Excursions on a magical tour through Prince William Sound.

The Saltwater Addiction comes fully equipped with a private marine head and a heated cabin.  Hot coffee, hot chocolate and tea are served on board to make your trip more enjoyable.

The Chugach National Forest, the second largest forest in the United States, surrounds Whittier, Alaska.

As we cruise through Passage Canal, our charming and playful Alaskan Sea Otters will greet you.  These otters grow to approximately 60-70 pounds. Sea otter fur is the finest of any mammal, consisting of 1 million hairs per square inch. Sea otters depend on these hairs to keep them warm while in the water.

We will see one of the largest Kittiwake rookeries, right there in Passage Canal.  The Black-legged Kittiwakes nest on narrow cliff ledges on offshore islands or inaccessible areas of coastal mainlands. Often, the ledges are barely wide enough to fit a nest and birds; the adult and chicks must sit on the nest facing the cliff with their tails hanging off the edge.

Bald Eagles will be seen throughout your sightseeing excursion.  The Bald Eagle is an opportunistic feeder, which subsists mainly on fish. It feeds by swooping down and snatching its prey from the water with its talons.

As we journey out of Passage Canal and turn into Blackstone Bay you will be greeted by Tebenkof Glacier, the longest valley glacier terminating on land in Prince William Sound.  Keep your eye out for Humpback Whales and Orcas as they often frolic in Passage Canal and at the entrance of Blackstone Bay.

As we cruise through Blackstone Bay, keep a careful eye out on the steep mountainside cliffs.  Often times, we see bears and mountain goats hanging high along these cliffs.  The cliffside walls are abundant with plunging waterfalls.

Waiting at the head of Blackstone Bay are two massive tidal water glaciers; Blackstone Glacier and Beloit Glacier.  With great force they calve into the ocean creating a thunder of falling ice. You will get an opportunity to see these up close. It is not uncommon to see seals sunning themselves on the icebergs that have broken off of these massive glaciers.

Right next to the glaciers, is an extraordinary gigantic plunging waterfall, which you will long remember.

We will depart Whittier at a time customized to your needs.

This tour will be an experience of a lifetime.  One that will forever change the way you look at the power of nature in all of its beauty.