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Fishing Insanity!

The fishing is indescribable! Limits of silvers being caught every day. Yesterday they were jumping in the boat. Everyday they seem to be getting bigger. The average size Coho this year is between 9-10 pounds. The other day we put one on the scale that weighed 13 pounds! I do not remember a year like this EVER!

The halibut are fat and hungry. Most days we are getting our limits of halibut. The ones we struggle with are the under 29 inch fish. I guess I could think of bigger problems to have then that.

Though I do not target Lingcod, we sure seem to be getting a lot of it. Two days ago we pulled up a 44 pounder.

Rockfish are coming in by the dozens. Tigers, China, Yellow Eye, Blacks, Duskys….you name it they are finding their way into the Saltwater Addictions fish box.

Make sure you book soon for your 2015 Fishing Charter in Whittier, Alaska!

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