Orcas and Butts!

I am not sure what was cooler yesterday. The pod of 30 Orcas or the limit of halibut we brought in! We did have an entry in the Whittier Fish Derby yesterday. Congratulations goes to Jeremy because he bought a ticket!!!!

erin meade

This summer was the first time I took a SALTWATER EXCURSIONS halibut charter; it was so good that I signed up for a second charter a month later. The scenery was incredible, The capitain and crew were professional, helpful and courteous; and I caught two gigantic halibut. The boat was beautiful and it was so luxurious to have someone else take care of baiting your hook, gaffing your fish, and then cleaning and fileting it before we got back to the dock. I will definitely book another charter (or two!) next summer with Captain Kristen.

Stephen Paulding

Wow, what a great time we had. And great fishing too!


Had a wonderful time with Capt Kristin, she puts you on the fish, and deck hand Ben is everywhere and helps with everything. It’s a small boat, but very clean and really well built. They truly care that you get the best experience that you could have, and want you to enjoy every minute of it. She runs a tight ship and there are rules to be followed, but they are only to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. I can’t recommend Saltwater Excursions enough if you are interested in getting the most and biggest fish available. Ben also had the fish cleaned and bagged by the time we got to the dock, that was not only really convenient, but he did an excellent job and didn’t waste anything. Thank you for a wonderful trip, we will be back!

Dianne M.

The best trip EVER, once in a lifetime experience!
Thanks to the awesome Captain Kristen,aka, owner and Captain Rick!
Let’s not forget the magnificent crewman,Carl, your the best, you assisted me with the 35-40 lb
Lingcod, you know the one I managed to hook while we were fishing for Rock fish, the one I had to
throw back due to it’s not in season to keep?
We really had the fabulous time of our lives up there and yes we’ve spent many hrs/seasons and times up in Whittier all thru Alaska!